Falconara Resort & Spa is an elegant structure overlooking the sea. The bright, finely furnished rooms and large green spaces create a relaxing atmosphere, enriched by the charm of an exceptional neighbour, the Castle of Falconara, built in the Norman era to avoid the Moors invasion.
The attention to detail, the choice of construction materials and furnishings, essential and elegant in their purity, make the environment unique and give rise to a reality where they merge into a complete experience between art and nature.


In the past, the land where the resort is built was the home of the peasants who served inside the Castle of Falconara. Nowadays the resort shows the conservative restoration works of “La Fattoria”, an ancient dependence of the Castle, which today contains part of the rooms and represents the direct balcony overlooking the sea.

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Our Resort has an embankment with reported sea sand, located just above the beach lapped by the water, equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds and beach towels, for the exclusive and free use of guests. For sports lovers, the Resort also has an indoor fitness area and a tennis court.

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