It extends in a place of enchanting charm enriched by magical atmosphere of an exceptional neighbour: the Falconara Castle, built in Norman times to counter the invasion of the Moors.


The Falconara Castle is one of the main Sicilian historic castles and one of the few that overlooks the sea. The name comes from the ancient central tower that was used for the breeding of hunting falcons. There’s no certain date of its construction. It’s supposed that it was built in 1313 during the War of the Vespers between the Aragoneses of Sicily and the Angevins of Naples, when some Angevin pirates were able to land between Terranova and Licata, to attack and plunder Butera. From that moment it was used as a vigilance and defense garrison from pirate raids.


Today, the castle still shows the entire fifteenth-century Aragonese structure. On the façade, where the entrance is located, a gunboat stands out in the tower. The park surrounding the castle is very impressive: full of palms and historical essences, including a prickly pear flower with round palm trees, a species that in Sicily is found only in the Botanical Garden of Palermo.